Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) are cancer cells that have detached from a cancer patient's primary tumour and entered into the blood circulation, a process also known as metastasis.

Growing evidence suggests that CTCs hold significant clinical reference as diagnostic, prognostic and predictive markers in cancer development as they have been shown to be excellent indicators of disease progression and overall survival in patients. Enumerating and studying CTCs may enable clinicians to make timely and life-saving decisions. 

Current methods today rely on complicated techniques such as complex processing, cell-fixing, use of biomarkers and tedious inspections. Moreover, cell viability is lost as such methods damage the cells and prevent retrieval in their native state. 


ClearCell® FX- Inertial Focusing

Clearbridge BioMedics’ ClearCell® FX System is a label-free cancer cell enrichment system driven by the CTChip® FR. The CTChip® FR uses inertial focusing to separate the larger cancer cells from other blood components. 

Scientific Reports Publication 

ClearCell® CX- Cell Traps

The CTChip® CS and CTChip® CR encompass detailed research on cell shear stress and fluidic characteristics. This has led to a microfluidic biochip being capable of separating out CTCs from blood.

Using cutting-edge microfluidics and the differences between biomechanical properties of CTCs and blood cells, the CTChip® contains thousands of crescent-shaped cell traps that can isolate CTCs without the use of antibodies or magnetic beads. Gaps between the cell traps are specially designed to trap the less-deformable and larger CTCs while allowing other blood constituents to flow through. As the cells are trapped on the microstructures, reversal of the microfluidic flow allows for cell retrieval.

Clearbridge BioMedics has developed a simple and elegant solution to isolate wholly intact and viable CTCs from patient blood with minimal cell damage while maximising isolation and increased purity.

CTCs isolated on the CTChip® can thereafter be stained on-chip for enumeration using the CTChip® CS or retrieved for further analysis using the CTChip® CR.



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