The ClearCell® FX1 System is an automated, RUO platform used to enrich for Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) from patient blood samples. It is a platform for in vitro diagnostics use in Europe.

Patient sample is obtained from a routine blood draw. The blood goes through a quick and simple processing step to remove the red blood cells, and is then passed through the CTChip® FR.

The CTChip® FR is a one-time use microfluidic biochip with a unique spiral design that separates the blood components based on size and inertia, thereby isolating the larger CTCs.

This label-free approach is better able to capture the heterogeneous CTCs, without the use of antibodies, especially for metastatic cancer, where processes like EMT can lead to down regulation of EpCAM expression. The enrichment is very gentle on the cells and the cells spend less than 1 sec within the CTChip® FR. This keeps the cells in their native state and retains high viability. The enriched target rare cells are in a desired condition and state to be integrated into your identified downstream workflow.

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