More than 80% of all cancer patients die from metastasis, not the actual primary tumour. Cancer is complex, heterogeneous and dynamic. For the patient, a cancer treatment journey drains physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. For the oncologist, it may mean questions of possible overtreatment and having to subject patients to frequent, painful biopsies. Over the course of treatment, the cancer can evolve and become resistant, making treatment decisions challenging and potentially sub-optimal.

Therefore the ability to precisely detect these changes facilitates timely diagnosis and staging of the disease; this ability is critical for precise, tailored treatment and proactive monitoring. This is where Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) become critically relevant.

Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) are extremely rare cells that have detached from solid tumours, travel in the bloodstream and can cause the cancer to spread. They are considered the seeds of metastasis and could be a clear indication of disease progression.

A blood test, or liquid biopsy that can detect and profile these CTCs presents a quick, non-invasive way to obtain real-time information about the cancer disease status. In combination with other diagnostic methods, doctors may be able to design specific responses to fight the diagnosed cancer.

Combining this insight with the ability to match drugs according to disease mutation and resistance, isolating wholly intact CTCs could be the potential gold standard for the detection of cancer metastasis.

All from a simple blood draw.

Our Technology Can Help

Fully automated and entirely label-free, Clearbridge BioMedics’ ClearCell® FX1 System, with the patented microfluidic biochip, CTChip® FR1, the ClearCell® FX1 System achieves label-free CTC enrichment that better addresses the dynamic and complex nature of cancer. It even provides the potential for serial real-time treatment monitoring.




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