Dr. Paumen, CEO of Clearbridge BioMedics held several senior leadership positions in the biotech and biomedical industries prior to joining the Company. Previously, Dr. Paumen was with Life Technologies – now Thermo Fisher Scientific and led commercial efforts in Next Generation Sequencing and Genomic Medicine in Japan and the Medical Sciences business for the Asia Pacific region. Highlights include achieving Medical Device status for the company’s sequencers and RT-PCR systems.

Prior to joining Life Technologies, he was CEO at Dx Assays Pte Ltd (Singapore), a developer of Molecular Diagnostics test systems for a period of 2 years. Before joining Dx Assays, Dr. Paumen was Technical Director at Affymetrix Inc. and developed their Sales and Marketing infrastructure in Japan.

Other earlier positions include a Scientific Affairs management role at QIAGEN GmBH, overseeing worldwide clinical collaborative studies in both academia and industry and the inception of QIAGEN’s first offices in Asia.

Dr. Paumen obtained his PhD from Johannes-Gutenberg University, Germany and researched on Programmed Cell Death at the German Cancer Research Centre and Kyoto University, Faculty of Medicine, Japan.

Dr. Wu is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer of Clearbridge BioMedics, overseeing the company’s business, product and research development and general operations which include regulatory approvals for the Company’s products. He was previously General Manager for 3 years, with oversight of key operations and activities. Prior to his general management role, he was the Project Director, undertaking the incubation and commercialisation pathway for the ClearCell®product.

Previously, he served as the Technical Director of CordLife Group for over 3 years, and led a team of technologists from around the region for the management of laboratory and technical operations within CordlLife Group and its associates. Also leading the medical affairs team, Dr. Wu was involved in a series of firsts in cord blood applications in Singapore, such as cerebral palsy and neuroblastoma.

Prior to joining CordLife, Dr. Wu worked for A-Bio Pharma in process development. He holds a Bachelors and a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from University College, London.

Dr. Bhagat received his MS (2006) and PhD (2009) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, USA. Following his degree he held Post-doctoral Associate position at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA prior to moving to Singapore. Before joining Clearbridge, Dr. Bhagat worked as a Research Scientist in the newly formed Biosystems and Micromechanics (BioSyM) group at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) Centre, Singapore.

Author of over 10 peer-reviewed scientific publications, Dr. Bhagat’s research interests lies in developing microfluidics based solutions for efficient cell separation/isolation and applying them towards point-of-care disease diagnostics.

Junquan leads design translation and product commercialisation for Clearbridge BioMedics. He directs product design, engineering and software development initiatives to meet both commercially-ready products and international regulatory standards, relevant to clinicians and pathology laboratories dedicated to cancer diagnostics.

He previously served as a Regulatory Specialist at Health Sciences Authority, consulting and training several medical technology companies seeking regulatory approvals in safety and performance of their medical devices. Prior to his regulatory role, serving in the A*Star Biomedical Research Council, he managed the establishment of Lonza’s cell therapy facility in Singapore. During his stint at St Vincent’s Institute in Melbourne, he led a team of researchers to successfully isolate islets and achieve the first human islet transplantation in Victoria, Australia.

Junquan graduated with Bachelors with First Class Honours in Immunology and Pharmacology from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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