Professor Xie is currently Dean of the Holistic Integrative Oncology Institutes, Director of the Integrative Cancer Center of Chinese and Western Medicine, Dean of the Holistic Integrative Pharmacy Institutes, Director of the Key Laboratory of Elemene Class Anti-cancer Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang Province, and Director of the Engineering Laboratory of Development and Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Normal University.

Prof. Xie was honoured with first class of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Education in 2008, first class of the Science and Technology Award of China Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in 2009, second class of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2012, the China Outstanding Invention Patent Award in 2013, the Wu Jieping Medical Innovation Award in 2014, the Science and Technology Innovation Award of Ho Leung Ho Lee in 2016, and the Special Contribution Award for Science and Technology Innovation of Hangzhou city in 2017. He also obtained a fund from the Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation in 2017.

Prof. Xie innovatively proposed a new concept for the development of drugs based on the theory of integrated Chinese and Western medicine and “molecular compatibility”. Under the guidance of the theory, he led the team to discover the anti-cancer natural active ingredient of Elemene with high efficiency and low toxicity from Wenyujin which is one of the “Zhebawei” medicinal herbs, pioneered the application of liposomal targeted drug delivery system to the new drug development of Elemene, successfully developed new anti-cancer drugs with multiple targets and “two-way anticancer” effects including Elemene injection (liposomes) and Elemene oral emulsion (liposomes), and set a precedent for the treatment of cancer by small molecule terpenoids.

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