Facts About Cancer

More than 80% of all cancer patients die from metastasis, not the actual primary tumour. Metastasis is therefore the real killer.

Cancer is complex, heterogeneous and dynamic. Cancer invades and robs; its innate ability to evade standard detection and their evolutionary nature makes treatment fraught with uncertainty.

For the patient, a cancer treatment journey drains physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. For the oncologist, it may mean questions of possible overtreatment and having to subject patients to frequent, painful biopsies. Over the course of treatment, the cancer can evolve and become resistant.

Therefore the ability to precisely detect these changes facilitates timely diagnosis and staging of the disease; this ability is critical for precise, tailored treatment and proactive monitoring. This is where Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) become critically relevant.

What Are CTCs

Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) are extremely rare cells that have detached from solid tumours, travel in the bloodstream and can cause the cancer to spread.

They are considered the seeds in metastasis and can be a clear indication of disease progression.

A blood test, or liquid biopsy that can detect and profile these CTCs presents a quick, non-invasive way to obtain real-time information about the cancer disease status. In combination with other diagnostic methods, doctors may be able to design specific responses to fight the diagnosed cancer.

Combining this insight with the ability to match drugs according to disease mutation and resistance, isolating wholly intact CTCs are the potential gold standard for the detection of cancer metastasis.

All from a simple blood draw

How We Help

With Clearbridge BioMedics' ClearCell® FX system, oncologists and researchers have a faster, more elegant solution for cell enrichment.

Fully automated and entirely label-free, the ClearCell® FX system empowers doctors through every step of the cancer treatment journey.

Based on the patented microfluidic biochip, CTChip®FR1, the ClearCell® FX system achieves label-free CTC enrichment that better addresses the dynamic and complex nature of cancer. It even provides the potential for serial real-time treatment monitoring.

Clinicians now have a robust and reproducible non-invasive liquid biopsy to monitor metastasis - bringing us closer to providing timely, tailored treatment for patients.

Researchers will also have a highly sensitive assay for CTC enrichment with a larger dynamic range which enables deeper insights and greater understanding of tumour biology.

ClearCell® FX System
Label-free CTC Enrichment for Real-time Insights
How It Works
ClearCell® FX System
Driven by CTChip®FR1

The ClearCell® FX System, driven by the ClearCell® CTChip®FR1, is one of the world's first fully automated cell retrieval systems that can enrich wholly intact and viable Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) from small amounts of blood in under an hour.

Combined with the high levels of purity, the CTCs are enriched in suspension, that allows for easy integration with downstream molecular analyses and diagnostic assays. Meaning that researchers and clinicians can use these insights to provide timely, tailored treatment options.

How it works:
The CTChip® FR1

The microfluidic biochip captures CTCs based on inertial characteristics such as size and deformity, relative to other blood components, by using Dean Flow Fractionation (DFF). Through the DFF process, the cells are focused within the microfluidic channels of the CTChip® FR1, with larger cells along the inner wall and the smaller cells away from it. This label-free approach ensures effective, continuous and quick separation while retaining cell viability thus lending itself to a myriad of downstream applications.

How it works:
The CTChip® FR1
How It Works
Application Notes
Product Information
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Application Notes
Fluorescence In Situ Hybridisation (FISH)
EML4-ALK gene rearrangement in a non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) CTC that had been isolated with the ClearCell® FX System and analysed by FISH. Image courtesy of National Cancer Centre, Singapore
Cell Culture
MCF7 breast cancer cells in culture after isolation using the CTChip® FR1
Molecular Analysis
Detection of a KRAS mutation in a CTC- enriched sample that had been isolated using the ClearCell® FX System and analysed by Sanger sequencing
Immunofluorescence (IF) / Immunocytochemistry (ICC)
DAPI (in blue), pan-cytokeratin (CK) (in green) and EpCAM (in red) staining of cells isolated using the ClearCell® FX System. CTCs are shown to be CK + and EpCAM
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Product Information
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Sales Materials
For reference only, please contact your country distributor or Clearbridge BioMedics for any updated versions if applicable.
For reference only, please contact your country distributor or Clearbridge BioMedics for any updated versions if applicable.

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Top UK poster presentation award for NUS Engineering student on the CTChip®
Clearbridge BioMedics' Founder wins prestigious President's Technology Award 2011, Singapore
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ClearCell® FX System
About Us
About Clearbridge BioMedics

Clearbridge BioMedics (CBB) specialises in novel platforms with applications in oncology research and diagnostics. It is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS) / SMART MIT and is the first incubatee of Clearbridge Accelerator, a high-technology incubator backed by the Singapore Government's National Research Foundation (NRF).

The ClearCell FX System by Clearbridge BioMedics provide a label-free means of Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) enrichment that offers a myriad of possibilities for downstream analysis on the output CTCs. Utilising patented award winning microfluidic technologies, Clearbridge BioMedics aims to provide the next generation of non-invasive "liquid biopsy" approaches for cancer screening, diagnosis, staging, personalised medicine and treatment monitoring. Headquartered in Singapore, Clearbridge BioMedics currently has customers across Asia, Europe and North America.


Our Mission

Clearbridge BioMedics' mission is to innovate and develop novel medical research tools and diagnostic products using cutting-edge technologies, in order to catalyse medical research and discovery, revolutionise disease management, and advance patient care.



Clearbridge BioMedics believes in bringing clarity to cancer, providing each and every patient with timely, tailored treatment.

Board of Directors
Johnson CHEN
Chairman and Founder

Mr Chen is the Managing Partner for Clearbridge Partners, an Asian venture capital firm. He is also the Managing Partner for Clearbridge Accelerator, a Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) backed high-technology incubator and an investment committee member of Clearbridge BSA Pte Ltd... [+]

Chee Wah CHONG
Director and Founder

Mr Chong previously worked as a Communications Security Program Manager at the DSO National Laboratories. He won the prestigious KINETIC Award in DSO for his outstanding technical contributions to various initiatives in the defence sector... [+]


Mr Qian was the vice president, the director of public affairs and the secretary of the Board of Trauson Holdings Company Limited. Mr. Qian graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada with both BBA and MBA degrees. He is now a registered senior economist... [+]

Joo Hock CHUA

Mr Chua joined the former Singapore Technologies Group in 1987 where he was involved in the early phase of Singapore Technologies' venture capital investments which became Vertex in 1988... [+]

Juanita FU, MD

Dr. Juanita Fu is a General Partner of Bioveda Capital, a venture capital firm focused exclusively on investments in healthcare and biotechnology. She has more than ten years of clinical experience with a focus on internal medicine... [+]

Nicolas H. Roelofs, PhD

Dr Nicolas H. Roelofs served as Senior Vice President at Agilent Technologies Inc., as well as President of its Life Sciences Group from 2009 to 2013. He also served as the Vice President and General Manager of the Life Sciences division from 2006 to 2009... [+]

Prof. LIM Chwee Teck
Advisor and Founder

Professor Lim Chwee Teck currently holds joint appointments at both the Departments of Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is also a Principal Investigator at the Mechanobiology Institute... [+]

TAN Swee Jin, PhD
Technical Advisor and Founder

Dr Tan is one of the rising stars in the field of nanobiomechanics. He is the co-inventor for the Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) Microfiltration BioChip - an innovative device which allows clinicians to isolate and enumerate circulating tumour cells... [+]

Management Team
Michael Paumen, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Michael Paumen, CEO of Clearbridge BioMedics held several senior leadership positions in the biotech and biomedical industries prior to joining the Company. Previously, Dr Paumen was with Life Technologies...[+]

Andrew WU, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Dr Wu is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer of Clearbridge BioMedics, overseeing the company's business, product and research development and general operations which include regulatory approvals... [+]

Ali Asgar BHAGAT, PhD
Senior Technical Director

Dr Ali Asgar Bhagat received his M.S. (2006) and Ph.D. (2009) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, USA... [+]

Junquan HUANG
Director, Product Development

Junquan leads design translation
and product commercialisation for Clearbridge BioMedics. He directs product design, engineering and software development initiatives to meet both commercially-ready products and international regulatory standards, relevant to clinicians and pathology laboratories dedicated to cancer diagnostics... [+]


The Chadwick, 81 Science Park Drive, #02-03, Singapore 118257
+65 6873 0668
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