Presenting the ClearCell® FX System

Label-free CTC Enrichment for Real-time Insights


Cancer treatment is fraught with uncertainty, both for you and your patients. Now there is a faster, more elegant solution for cell enrichment—ClearCell® FX. Fully automated and entirely label-free, ClearCell® FX empowers doctors through every step of the cancer treatment journey.

Based on the patented microfluidic biochip, CTChip® FR, ClearCell® FX achieves label-free CTC enrichment that better addresses the dynamic and complex nature of cancer. It even provides the potential for serial real-time treatment monitoring. Clinicians now have a robust and reproducible non-invasive liquid biopsy to monitor metastasis—bringing us closer to providing timely, tailored treatment for patients.


  • Label-free CTC enrichment of heterogeneous populations of cancer cells
  • Up to 10,000x enrichment of CTCs
  • Large blood volume enrichment from 7.5ml of patients’ blood
  • Fast processing time of less than an hour
  • Automated workflow
  • Sensitive, with a high dynamic range
  • Easy and ready integration with a wide variety of downstream molecular diagnostics and pathology assays
  • CE marked and ISO 13485 certified, verifying comprehensive quality management
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See our system at ASCO 2014, Chicago, May 30th – June 2nd. Booth no. 5048

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Fluorescence In Situ Hybridisation (FISH)

EML4-ALK gene rearrangement in a non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) CTC that had been isolated with the ClearCell® FX System and analysed by FISH. Image courtesy of National Cancer Centre, Singapore

Cell Culture

MCF7 breast cancer cells in culture after isolation using the CTChip® FR1

Molecular Analysis

Detection of a KRAS mutation in a CTC- enriched sample that had been isolated using the ClearCell® FX System and analysed by Sanger sequencing

Immunofluorescence (IF) / Immunocytochemistry (ICC)

DAPI (in blue), pan-cytokeratin (CK) (in green) and CD45 (in red) staining of cells isolated using the ClearCell® FX System. CTCs are shown to be CK + and CD45

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Clearbridge BioMedics specialises in novel platforms with applications in oncology research and diagnostics. It is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is the first incubatee of Clearbridge Accelerator,a high-technology incubator backed by the Singapore Government’s National Research Foundation.

The ClearCell Systems provide a label-free means of Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) enrichment, as such, offering a myriad of possibilities for downstream analysis on the output CTCs. Utilising patented award winning microfluidic technologies, Clearbridge BioMedics aims to provide the next generation of non-invasive “liquid biopsy” approaches for cancer screening, diagnosis, staging, personalised medicine and treatment monitoring. Headquartered in Singapore, Clearbridge BioMedics currently has customers across Asia, Europe and North America.





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